Hello, my name is Fabio Salvadori, and I am an unquiet seeker.

To me, no treasure is as exciting as the quest for it. Everything I find, learn or reach is invariably temporary. 

Nothing is ever enough for an unquiet soul.

Growing up, it felt like a curse. So, I've learned to contain it and deny it. 

I did it so well that it was holding me back from expressing the full spectrum of my humanness. 

Then, in 2017, I started this writing practice with the sole goal of improving my writing skills. Almost 1500 posts later, I realised that there is nothing as effective as writing in helping me transform my restlessness into creative energy. 

The same year, I also started the journey to become a coach first and a mentor later. I discovered I could use my unquietness and love for exploration and creative questions to help others.

Now I know that being unquiet is my gift.

It's a challenging one to deal with, however.

One Apple A Day keeps my unquietness at bay.

In One Apple A Day, I share the fragments I find in my journey to make sense of my restless quest on subjects like self, innovation, creativity, spirituality and humanness.

I write about what I discover in my explorations, such as tools, exercises, ideas, inspirations, surprises, struggles, failures and everything in between.

I hope my unquietness can be of service to others in some way.

Every day, I write a short post about my findings. In the future, I may add longer paid articles to explore some topics with more depth. The daily apples, however, will always remain freely available.

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There is no copyright here. If you find anything useful in what I write, feel free to use it and share it in any way you like. If you are kind enough to attribute it to me, then great. If you don’t, then great.

I also co-wrote an unconventional book about innovation called Subtraction, the subtle art of unleashing boundless innovation. And if you want to innovate yourself, your organization or your community, I'd love to serve you as your mentor or coach. You can contact me via LinkedIn or email.

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Travel notes of a restless seeker.


Fabio Salvadori

I am an unquiet seeker. I am drawn to what I don't know, to new challenges, questions, perspectives and connections. It's never about finding the right thing; it’s about searching the next thing. I'm also an author, mentor, coach and facilitator.