One Apple A Day

They say that one apple a day keeps the doctors away. I don’t know if that is scientifically accurate, but it’s a great reminder that small daily habits can lead to massive benefits in one’s life.

I created the habit of writing to collect the learning I encounter in my restless quest for meaning. Every day, I take small notes about the things I learn, see, discover, fall in love with, or get scared off by—everything that sparks some inspiration within me.

For several years, every morning, I wrote for fifteen minutes and then posted what emerged. So, in the archive, you’ll find over sixteen hundred posts to explore and read.

My writing practice keeps evolving in new directions, but this morning's practice is a fundamental part of who I am. If you decide to subscribe, you will receive, at least five days a week, a small fragment of inspiration to start your day. It may be a quote to get inspired, a question for your exploration, or a thought to provoke your thinking. Something that will take a minute of your time and, I hope, will help you stay grounded and inspired for the rest of your day.

If you find it useful, feel free to use it in whatever way you like. If you think reading these fragments can be useful to others, please spread the voice.

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I am Fabio Salvadori.

I am a restless seeker of truth, walking on the edge of chaos.

For over 20 years, I have worked in the technology and digital field, creating innovative services and products in various sectors. I earned a national innovation award in 2007 with one of my creations. In 2017, my relentless curiosity and fascination for the elusive mechanics of human creativity pointed my exploration inward to find the spark that can make anyone an innovator. I have shifted my focus to human innovation, becoming a coach, mentor and facilitator.

My approach is based on the beliefs that every human being is a gift, that the outside world is a reflection of the inner world and that to change who we are, we must change what we do.

I also co-wrote an unconventional book about innovation called Subtraction, the subtle art of unleashing boundless innovation. If you want to innovate yourself, your organization, or your community, I'd love to serve you as your mentor or coach. You can contact me via LinkedIn or email.

I also love short posts, long conversations and dried mangoes.

With love and gratitude,

There is no copyright here. If you find anything useful in what I write, feel free to use it and share it in any way you like. If you are kind enough to attribute it to me, then great. If you don’t, then great.

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Daily notes from a restless seeker.


A restless seeker of truth, walking on the edge of chaos. A coach, mentor and author navigating the liminal space between humanness and innovation, spirit and matter, inner and outer.